Koh Tao is surrounded by awesome dive sites for skilled diving.

10-24 meters of depth

Intermediate dive sites

  • Twins
  • White Rock
  • Red Rock
  • Shark Island
  • Green Rock
  • Hin Pee Wee
  • Shark Island

Shark Island

Enjoy a huge variety of soft and hard corals, sea whips and Gorgonian Sea Fans covering the multiple pinnacles. Some of the most usual marine life includes Blue Spotted Sting Rays, Scribbled Filefish, Harlequin Sweetlips, Starry Puffer fish, various Groupers, Triggerfish. The most challenging part is if there is a current present. When you have learned how to dive in currents this dive site is just amazing. One of our favorite dive sites. Ideal for dive 3 and 4 on Open water Course and Advanced Open Water Course.
Shark Island1
Shark Island2
Shark Island3

Twin Rock

With two big underwater rock formations with a depth range from 5 metres to 18 metres A perfect site for Open Water dives 1 to 4, Advanced Open Water and fun dives with a maximum of 18 metres surrounded by soft white sand. Pearl Diving often use Twin Rock for a night dive. A very interesting dive site where you always can see Angelfish, Yellow Racoon Butterfly fish, Parrots and Wrasse fish, Saddleback Clownfish and many more. At the end of your dive enjoy your safety stop surrounded by hundreds of Yellow Tail Barracudas. Sometimes Hawksbill turtles find their way to the dive site as well.

Red Rock

Red Rock is amazing with its smooth giant rocks and boulders creating spectacular swim-throughs. Different rays and the occasional passing Barracudas. One of Pearl Diving's favorite dive sites, which is not crowded and just a must see. Ideal for dive 3 and 4 on your Open Water Course, Advanced Open Water and fun dives.
Laem Thien1
Laem Thien2
Laem Thien3

White Rock

Maybe the most visited and popular dive site on Koh Tao. With a depth range of 26 m to 5 m, it is suitable for every experience level of diving. Green Turtles, King Mackerels, Trevalleys, great Barracudas and so many other good things to spot. Pearl Diving prefer to go there when no one else are there. White Rock can sometimes become crowded.
White Rock1
White Rock2
White Rock3
White Rock4
"So many places to dive and so little time!"

Green Rock

An underwater Swiss cheese with all its beautiful swim throughs. A perfect small dive site if not crowded and awesome on a night dive. The only thing that can be a challenge is currents. It can be quite strong and make it impossible to dive. If no current present a wonderful site which is perfect for spotting small aquatic life as Flat worms, Shrimps, Nudi branches, Sea Slugs and Crabs hiding in cracks of the pinnacle. On a lucky day even Whale Sharks can find their way to Green Rock. This dive site is brilliant for Advanced Open Water and fun dives. Maximum depth is 25 metres.
Green Rock1
Green Rock2
Green Rock3
Green Rock4
Green Rock5
Green Rock6

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