You a pro? We got some Advanced Dive Sites you are gonna love!

14-40 meters of depth

Advanced dive sites

  • Chumphon Pinnacle
  • South West Pinnacle
  • Sattakut Wreck

Chumpon Pinnacle

One main huge granite pinnacle and a series of smaller ones rising from the bottom at 36 metres to within 14 metres of the surface, covered with anemones and their attendant Pink Clown Fishes. Large shoals of Great and Cheveron Barracuda, shoals of Trevallies. Also Batfish, Cobias, Queen fish and Scorpion Fish and large Groupers are commonly spotted. This great site also get visits by Whale sharks. A perfect dive site for Advanced open water course and Fun Dives. Pearl Diving love this spectacular site on an early morning before to many divers arrives.

Sattakut Wreck

The H.M.T.S. Sattakut 742 wreck was sunk here by the Royal Thai Navy to create an artificial reef plus a training site for Advanced open water and Wreck Specialty courses. Exploring its guns, entrance points and wheel house with all the different species of fish who settled down it's just an amazing experience. A sunrise night dive here is just stunning. Wreck specialty course combined with Nitrox (gives you longer bottom time) will definitely bring some big smiles. A Pearl Diving special is Sunrise night dive. Will blow your mind away.

Sail Rock

A pinnacle that just peeks out of the ocean is roughly halfway between Koh Tao and Koh Phangan. With regular sightings of whale sharks and giant barracudas, plus the experience of descending and ascending inside a chimney. This dive site covers all levels of diving and is a favourite site for experienced and technical divers due to its depth range deeper than 30 metres . I had the pleasure to dive with a group of Bull Sharks. Best experience ever. To go there will always depend on weather conditions.

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